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Election Date: June 7

Early Voting Begins May 26

Hi, I’m Jason Walser. I’m a Republican candidate for the newly created 13th Congressional District here in North Carolina.

Are you as tired of this “Do Nothing Congress” as I am? All they do is bicker and fight and throw us sound bites.

We deserve better; my kids deserve better. I want to be your advocate in Washington, D.C. I want to be someone you can trust to make you proud.

I am not a politician. I am an outsider, and I want to change the tone in D.C. I want to be there when the dust settles after this crazy, tumultuous year in politics.

Come on, we’ve got real problems to solve. Let’s Get to Work.

June 7th vote for me, Jason Walser, in the District 13 Primary.

The New 13th District

The new 13th Congressional District of North Carolina is my home.

It is where I was born, and where I have chosen to work, live, and raise a family. It is a special place, rich in history and culture and beauty.

I was born in Statesville to Bert and Sue Walser, former high school sweethearts at Boyden High in Salisbury. Both sets of grandparents lived in Salisbury, as did first and second cousins. Because all of the Walsers in North Carolina trace their lineage to Gasper Walser who settled in the Yadkin College area of Davidson County, I had many second and third cousins scattered around Davidson, Davie, and Rowan County.

The New 13th Congressional District of NC

Why I’m Running

I love this region of North Carolina that I have called home for my entire life. We live in a very special part of the greatest State in the Union, with incredible human, historic, and natural resources. We also live in a wonderful country, and at a great time in history where we are blessed with many comforts unimaginable to our ancestors even a generation or two ago.

Yet, we have very real problems to address as a region, and as a country. Our economy has changed drastically in my lifetime, and continues to change in dramatic fashion. Our middle class – the anchor of our economy – is being squeezed like never before.

Get to Know Me

I grew up in the 13th District, and am proud to be raising my young family here today. I have deep roots here, and love its people.

I graduated from Statesville High School in 1990 and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a Morehead Scholar. I graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Business Administration. During my time at UNCCH, I was shaped by life-changing experiences that included Outward Bound, interning with the Baltimore County Police Department, interning with Advantage International Sports marketing agency, travelling extensively, serving as a “Big Brother,” coaching soccer, and serving on the Student Supreme Court.

Steward of the Land

I have spent the majority of my career leading the LandTrust for Central North Carolina as its Executive Director for 14 years. The Land Trust, headquartered in Salisbury where my family has lived for 17 years, works in a 10-county area in the Yadkin River Basin that includes much of the new 13th District.

Steward of the People

I believe strongly in the power of local economies, and in community. I believe that the government exists to solve those problems that we are not able to solve for ourselves. (ie, National Defense, transportation infrastructure, trade policy, etc.). Those issues that are truly local (education, crime, economic development) are best addressed at the local level.

Contact Us: 704.798.6345 | Email Jason
PO Box 1721 | Salisbury, NC 28145

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